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Soft Natural Outdoor Artificial Grass Fire-retardant With 25mm Height

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Soft Natural Outdoor Artificial Grass Fire-retardant With 25mm Height

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISA, CE, SGS, IAAF, Rohs
Model Number: BTFND-6-25S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000sqm
Packaging Details: In roll width: 2m, 4m or 3.9m
Delivery Time: 25-30days
Payment Terms: T/T OR L/C
Supply Ability: 100000SQM PER MONTH



Soft Natural Outdoor Artificial Grass Fire-retardant With 25mm Height





1,Soft Natural artificial lawn an artificial grass.
2. Multi-purpose outdoor decoration artificial turf.
3. Less maintenance artificial lawn.

8800Dtex Four color Artificial Lawn for outdoor!







Yarn count

8800 Dtex  made of PE material


100% UV Stability PE Monofilament yarn

Yarn height


Total height:




Tufts per meter





Six Colors

Yarn weight(g/m2)


Drainage hole diameter (mm)


Drainage holes/sqm


Primary Backing

UV Resistant PP woven-clothes  142g/m²

Secondary Backing

UV Resistant  (PP) 90g/m²

Coating backing

Latex+rubber Styrene-Butadiene Basis, 700g/m²

Resistance of fire

Anti-fire DIN 51960 Class 2 flammable


6-8 years


TUV , CE, SGS, Rohs.

20GP container loading:

3500sqm to 3800sqm

40GP container loading:

7000sqm to 7600sqm

Loading port

Shanghai port  China (mainland)


garden decoration, outdoor use.


Our industry experts and technical staff have designed this artificial turf according to new trend in outdoor decoration for more than ten years ago. And have a good performance in outdoor decoration. Our Brand Zhonglian Turf product features the best combination of Innovation, Affordability, Performance, Durability, Soft Fibers, UV Stability and Fire-retardant. All our artificial turfs are tested by CE, SGS. And Our outdoor turf have been exported to USA, Europe and South America.





.Artificial grass & lawn for garden decoration and outdoor to save the water and easy to maintain.

 Tested By:



Competitive Advantage:


1,All the color master batch are imported from oveasea. Keeping the yarn same color and with a long time use without color change. 

2,Good UV-Anti and have 6-8 years guarantee.

3,Playability with excellent performance.

4,Affordable price to exploring the markets. Letting most people can realize their soccer dream.

5, Our turfs are tested by SGS and CE, and get Rohs testing report.


Six colors Garden Decoration Outdoor Artificial Grass 8800Dtex UV Stability PE Monofilament Yarn with height 25mm.






Factory pictures:





Laboratory of Factory:



  Accessories for fixing the artificial grass:



   Installation of artificial grass:




    Gallery of artificial grass:





      Packing and loading pictures:





                             How to maintain artificial turfs!

Routine maintenance of fake grass generally includes keeping the surface clean of debris, especially that which may decay into the synthetic lawn infill, and occasionally sweeping the fibers up to revitalize the appearance of the lawn.

Rain is your best cleanser for your fake grass. Rainfall gently cleans the fake grass turf fibers of dust, pollen and airborne pollutants in way that is difficult to duplicate in any other fashion. In areas where rainfall is scarce--or during prolonged periods of drought--an occasional water flush is beneficial to soak and thus cleanse the turf system. This procedure is recommended for all synthetic lawn turf systems.

Here are some additional tips for your fake grass or synthetic lawn product:

. Controlling the frequency of using artificial turf football ground.

. Clearing the surface of artificial turf one or two times every month.
•   Do not use any tools that may damage the synthetic lawn and do not use solvents like acetone or cleaning materials containing alcohol.
•   Pay special attention to the most heavily used areas of the synthetic lawn. Keep extra sand or rubber infill as after a minor settling period, you may wish to fill-in any minor “low spots”. If you encounter a low spot on your synthetic lawn, take a bucket of infill, locate the spot and apply several thin layers of infill to the area and brush into the fibers with a stiff street broom or small hand held fiber scrub brush (such as is used to hand scrub floors). Brush in several directions.
•   Every loose foreign object, no matter how small, can damage your synthetic lawn by abrading the fibres and/or contaminating the fill. Remove all leaves, twigs, paper, chewing gum, athletic tape, bottles and any other waste items on a regular basis from your synthetic lawn.
•   To keep the infill from compacting and to limit the fibers from “matting down”, brush your synthetic lawn on a regular basis. Always brush the synthetic lawn in opposite directions, as continuous brushing in one single direction will produce unacceptable pile lean, with corresponding detrimental effects on the playing characteristics. The less the synthetic lawn is swept, the more it will need to be brushed.
•   In case of seams opening, the synthetic lawn seams should be repaired soon as quickly as possible to prevent the situation from deteriorating.
•   Snow removal: Generally snow and ice should be left to melt and drain off the system without assistance. At times, however, it may be desirable to remove snow or ice. If you elect to plow the snow, leave a layer of snow of 1 inch as to protect your fake grass from mechanical damage. The final layer of snow can be removed by brushing the synthetic lawn.
•   Do not park vehicles on the Synthetic Lawn. You also do not want direct, hot engine exhaust to be discharged onto the Synthetic Lawn for extended periods.
•   Prevent lubricating oil, grease, transmission fluids, etc., from dripping or spilling on your Synthetic Lawn surface during sweepings. Such spills can discolor the Artificial Lawn. Battery acid and other such fluids should not be allowed on the Synthetic Lawn. Never change or add fluids to maintenance equipment while on the Synthetic Lawn surface.
•   The fake grass or artificial lawn fibers are highly stain resistant because most stains are moisture borne and the polyolefin-based fibers tend not to absorb moisture. Hence, most stains on Synthetic Lawn are not true stains but rather residues of foreign matter that must be promptly and thoroughly removed. Most stains can be removed with water or soap and water. The first rule is promptness. It is much easier to clean up a fresh spill before it has time to dry and harden. Remove any solid or putty-like deposit promptly using a dull knife or spatula-like tool.
•   Neither long-term static load of more than 2 psi, nor any transient or dynamic load of more than 35 psi should be allowed on the synthetic lawn surface. The loading of a pneumatic-tired vehicle is approximately equal to the air pressure in its tires. Hence, it is good practice to eliminate any unnecessary long-term parking and loading and to keep the necessary ones as low and brief as possible.
•   Enforce a smoke-free environment, if possible, and discourage the use of fireworks, fires, and tobacco products including chewing tobacco on or around the synthetic lawn


Striving to provide the best quality synthetic turf & grass with most competitive price for customers!

Customers first! Quality is the core of factory!


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